About Us

Smiley Care Services Ltd

Here at Smiley Care Services Ltd., we place a strong emphasis on being there to lend a helping hand when it truly counts. We know that you aren’t always able to provide your loved ones with the care and attention that they need; that’s where we come in.

Smile Care provides residential care activities for individuals both young and old; we currently offer comprehensive care activities for youth, elderly, and disabled individuals. Our dedicated team members are here to help provide the personalized care that you would provide for them yourself.


We’re on a mission to ensure that your loved one will never have to go a day without the detailed and personalized level of care that they deserve.


Our vision is to develop a massive network of life-changing residential healthcare services for children, the elderly, and disabled individuals.


We provide a solution for people who want to ensure personal, hands-on and loving care for their loved ones.